Mindful Eating Challenge

March is National Nutrition Month! I invite you to join me in a 21-day mindful eating challenge by keeping a food diary/journal from March 11 to March 31, 2024. The purpose is to raise your awareness of what you eat, when you eat, why you eat and how your feel after you eat. There is no judgement just awareness. Message me if you intend to participate and you will be entered into the drawing.

How it Works: Use a journal or a piece of paper and record the following each day for each meal/snack:

1 – What you eat and drink- including snacks, candy, etc. Track everything you consume?

2 – What time did you eat?

3 – How much did you eat – pieces, ounces, quantity?

4 – How did you feel before, during and after eating – energized, sluggish, sleepy, bloated, etc?

5 – How does each meal/snack/beverage promote or demote your wellness goal?

What you gain from participating:

1 – Awareness of your current eating habits

2 – Insight into how food affects your mood and energy

3 – Entry into a drawing for a gift card or complementary coaching session

Walk MS (local event)

Event Details

Date: 03/23/2024

Location: Morrisville

Venue: Perimeter Park

Here is a link to my page for more information and to donate.