What clients are saying

Crystal is a loving coach with the right amount of gentle accountability. She helped me overcome fear so that I could make huge live and career changes. She also taught me how to eat cleaner, find movement I didn’t hate, and how to spend loving time with me. I recommend Coach Crystal to everyone. ~ Leah R.

Crystal is gentle yet firm in her coaching approach. Due to the enormous respect I have for her as a person, I found myself not wanting to disappoint her, so this is what drove me at the beginning. She would not accept excuses from me, but instead gently expressed all the reasons I should want to succeed with my fitness goals. I would recommend Coach Crystal to anyone I know. Although I am proud of myself for my achievements, I credit her for my getting where I am today. ~ Karen M.

Crystal has been my health coach since 2016. She has worked with me and my goals, taking into consideration my lifestyle. We together have tweaked my daily regimen as my health and goals have changed throughout these many years. When I need help or struggle with something health and exercise related, Crystal is my go to girl. Thank you Crystal for these many years of health and wellbeing! You are the Best!  ~ Diane M.