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  1. Trudy Robinson

    WORKOUT FOR A BETTER MOOD is an informative article that provides insight and inspiration. I appreciate the author’s personal stories that were humorous and relatable. The 6 Steps to Improve Mental Wellness Through Movement provided the structure needed to motivate lifestyle change and the flexibility needed to create a personalized plan. The article was comprehensive but with simple effective strategies to get your journey to movement started. ~Trudy Robinson, Pastor

  2. Timothy Johnson

    I love this! Packed with practical insights and real-life application, it’s hard to read this and not challenge yourself in any number of ways. You did a great job of bringing these concepts home for me as the reader. By the end of the chapter, I felt challenged, but also empowered with more knowledge than I had before. Breaking things down into actionable steps was the perfect way to lead people from theory to practice. I can’t wait to see what else is coming! (By the way, PPFC is going to stick with me and I’m sure plenty of other people for a while.) Well done! ~Timothy Johnson, Pastor

  3. Jacquelin Thomas

    Crystal Askew Lawson does a fantastic job of touching on several concepts of positive psychology to improve quality of life. She shares her own journey to uncomplicated living to inspire other to do the same. ~Jacquelin Thomas, Author

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